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Princess Mermaid New Baby


Hi~Beautiful babies~Welcome to Princess Mermaid New Baby~~You’ll enjoy yourself on princess mermaid having baby~~Do you like mermaid? Princess mermaid who lives underwater is going to give birth to a baby~! What’s the next princess mermaid should do?? Pack some baby goodies for princess mermaid firstly, nipples, clothes, toys and so on~ Then call 911 and send princess mermaid into hospital. Thanks to you~ princess mermaid is lying on bed and preparing to have safely~~ So, let’s begin~! First, adjust princess mermaid’s breath, push her belly, during this period, inject princess mermaid anesthetic~~ Time goes fast, under you and princess mermaid’s effort, newborn baby is out!! What a cute baby it is~ wanna kiss him right away~! But little baby wears nothing right now~ Help him cut off umbilical cord, give him simple care, and send him to princess mermaid’s hug after wearing~!!Key Features:- Pack simple clothes and toys for baby.- Call 911 and send princess mermaid to hospital.- Adjust princess mermaid’s breath, inject anesthetic.- Baby comes~ cut umbilical cord off for him.- Check baby’s body.- Inject little baby.- Wear clothes for little baby.- Let princess mermaid see her beautiful baby.
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